Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Potty Training Update

Well, aside from the "#2" Eli has been doing AWESOME at the whole potty training thing.  Poor Todd.  Tonight I left to take Olivia to church and while I was gone, Todd was downstairs putting the boys to bed (they were very cranky today when they got home from school so we had decided that early bedtimes were in order).  Well while he was praying, Eli said "Here Daddy" and Todd held out his hand.  Much to his dismay, Eli handed him a pile of poop.  I guess Eli didn't like the feeling of the poop in his undies and decided to try to remedy the situation and just didn't know what to do with the poop that he so kindly pulled out of his drawers.  LOL...sorry Todd.  I am just glad that wasn't me...hehehe

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