Monday, September 28, 2009

So what do you do when...

This morning I was faced with a new challenge. How to get Jonathan to brush his back teeth since he has such a sensitive gag reflex. Yep. Found out today that since having the toothbrush in the back of his throat makes him gag, he has not been brushing his back teeth! OH THE JOYS. I too have this issue of sensitive gag reflex, but have never NOT been able to brush my back teeth. I tried to explain that proper breathing will help him, but he has such an anxiety about it, I wonder how in the world we will get through this one!

Our other challenge today...ridding the chicken coop of excess roosters/cockerels. This should be fun. j/k As much as I hate it, the fact of the matter is, we have about as many cockerels as pullets in the group that we hatched out this spring. I am going to start by butchering 4 I think. Too bad there isn't enough meat on them to feed us for one meal. I will have to cook at least 2 of them to put a decent dinner on the table. This is the sad thing about raising Bantams. The real challenge lies in trying to make sure that our two youngest children don't see the carnage and that we have no evidence of what happened around when the boys get home from school. They just have a really hard time accepting the fate of our chickens, no matter how many times we have talked to them about this.