Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

This day means so much to me.  For me, as a military wife, I have seen first hand the sacrifices that have been made by those in the military and their families.  I am ever so grateful to those who are continually willing to serve our country.  Overseas or home, there is so much that you do on a daily basis that goes unnoticed.  I am ever so grateful for my Dad, Papa, my step-dad, my father-in-law, and my grandfather-in-law for their service as well!  Dear military and ex-military, THANK YOU!  Dear families of those who have or are serving, THANK YOU!  There is no greater sacrifice than those who have lost their lives in the name of freedom.  To those we owe our freedom.  GOD BLESS THE USA!  GOD BLESS THE VETERANS OF THIS BLESSED COUNTRY!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

What a FUNNY!

So, we do this thing with our money called the envelope system.  If you haven't heard about it, it is where you take the budget you have created for the month and you separate your cash into envelopes so that when you spend it all...that is it!  NO MORE!

Todd had enlisted the help of our oldest son Jonathan(age 7) who so diligently was placing the money he had counted out into the proper envelope for the month when out of no where....

"Daddy, why are we giving money to this lady?"  Todd responds, "What lady?"  Jonathan says, "Miss Elanous"

Todd was confused for a moment as we know no one by that name, when all of a sudden he figured out what Jonathan was talking about.....MISCELLANEOUS!!! 


I heard this story 2nd hand, but I can only picture Todd trying to keep a straight face while explaining to Jonathan just exactly who/what miscellaneous is!!!   LOL

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun to save!

Well, I made a trip to Dillon's this weekend and was very excited to see what I was able to do with my coupons.  I could have done even better, but there were a few things that I had to get even though I didn't have a coupon.

Here is a snapshot of the items I was most excited about.

6 Bottles of Snuggle
   On Sale (mix and match 10) $3.49
   Used 6 - $3/1 coupons
   Total cost = $.49 each

2 - 4 lb bags of sugar
   Spend $10 and get them for $1.28 (limit 2)

Tombstone Pizza
   FREE with coupon Dillon's mailed me

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
   $.99 - sale (Mix & Match)
   $.50 coupon
   Total cost = $.49

   $1.49 on sale (mix and match)
   2 - $1 coupons
   Total cost = $.49 each

Country Bob's Steak Sauce
   Free after coupon!!!

My TOTAL for EVERYTHING you see here...$35.72!!!
TOTAL SAVINGS...$80.89!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I dread pictures.

Having 4 kids, it always seems like getting pictures is excruciating!  It doesn't matter the occasion, there is always one who is pitching a fit about pictures, or just won't smile right or just won't even look at the camera.  Well, last week, Money Saving Mom posted an offer about how to get a free 20 page scrapbook for the cost of just shipping, and I really wanted to make a fall book.  So, today I decided to bust out with the cute outfits and camera and get to shooting. 

I was ssssoooooooo blessed!  I got the most amazing pictures!  Every one of the kids were happy and helpful and attentive and smiling and still and CUTE!  I AM SO EXCITED.  Thought about giving the book away to one of the grandparents, but I don't think I will be able to bring myself to do that.  (Sorry parents!)

I can't even believe my Eli!

Just last week, I was excited that he was going potty on the big boy potty even though he was still not pooping on the potty.  Well, for 2 days now, he has not had a SINGLE accident!  Poop or potty, he does it all AND he has been waking up dry every morning and after nap!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  AMAZING!!!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Potty Training Update

Well, aside from the "#2" Eli has been doing AWESOME at the whole potty training thing.  Poor Todd.  Tonight I left to take Olivia to church and while I was gone, Todd was downstairs putting the boys to bed (they were very cranky today when they got home from school so we had decided that early bedtimes were in order).  Well while he was praying, Eli said "Here Daddy" and Todd held out his hand.  Much to his dismay, Eli handed him a pile of poop.  I guess Eli didn't like the feeling of the poop in his undies and decided to try to remedy the situation and just didn't know what to do with the poop that he so kindly pulled out of his drawers.  LOL...sorry Todd.  I am just glad that wasn't me...hehehe

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So all of a sudden I am tired of diapers!

Well, Eli, lately has been wetting through his diapers at night requiring me to change the sheets almost every day!  UGHHH!  So, Monday, I just decided that was enough.  Every time I were to ask Eli if he needed to go potty, he would respond with a quick but sweet, "No!"  Monday morning, I decided to ask again.  He actually said yes!  I was excited. I sat him up on the potty and nothing came out.  He bored of that pretty quickly and got down.  "That is okay" I said to myself.  At least it was progress.  I did not put his diaper back on him.  Well, we continued doing that several times all with the same result....Nothing in the toilet.  So I changed things up.  I asked him if he would potty in the bathtub.  He likes doing that before I run the bath water, so, if I could get him to go in the tub, GREAT!  He said yes, and quickly got into the tub and pottied in the drain!!!  YEA!  Success.  We continued that all day and we had great success.  He is not too fond of the toilet, but is more than willing to potty in the tub.  Am I sick in the head?  There isn't anything wrong with that is there?  Problem was, later that day, when I sat him on the toilet to poop, he said, "No Mommy, I poop in the tub."  So, we haven't conquered the pooping yet, but in my opinion he is making great strides in the pottying area.  Sometimes he still has accidents, but I think over all he loves his underwear and he loves going potty in the tub.  He has a stool now to stand on, to potty in the toilet.  He does that occasionally, but if he hasn't gone in a while, I offer the tub.  We run the water occasionally to "inspire" him and we also are trying to continually pump him full of liquids.  We decided that to reward his successes in the bathroom, we would give him 2 mini marshmallows for his achievements.  He likes that!  Guess we will see what happens when we go to church tonight!  Yikes!