Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lovin' the Savings

I went to Target this afternoon to get back on the wagon with my couponing deals and I had a great time.  Just so happened I even was able to make the trip with my great friend Michelle.  Here is the list of things that I purchased...
2 - 80 oz Biz Laundry detergent
4 Boxes Chex Mix Bars
2 Boxes Ocean Spray drink mix
10 pkgs Crystal Light drink mix (travel size)
6 pkgs/boxes Ronzoni Healthy Harvest whole wheat pasta
3 - Renu Contact Lens solution 2oz
4 - Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls

My total before coupons = $57.91
My savings = $39.50
My total = $18.41
I had 2 $5 gift cards from my last trip to Target
My total out of pocket expense = $8.41!!!!

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